• 2016 Bodyvibe Lookbook

    Since we are adding new styles all the time, we are releasing the Bodyvibe Look Book pdf which we will update weekly with all the new items. Check out the latest and greatest in one eBook!

  • 2015 Bodyvibe Catalog

    The 2015 Bodyvibe Catalog features 280 pages of high quality body jewelry in plugs, navels, tapers and more over 9000 different pieces in all. Check out this catalog for more collections, licensed, basics, organics and more!

  • 2014 Bodyvibe Organics Catalog

    The 2014 Bodyvibe Organics catalogs feature 44 pages of high quality organic body jewelry in plugs, hangers, faux plugs/tapers and more. Natural materials like perious stones, exotic wood, buffalo horn/bone, glass and brass make up the over 1800 different pieces represented in this beautiful catalog.

  • Bodyvibe Fall 2013 E-Catalog

    The Bodyvibe Fall 2013 E-Catalog was produce to quickly show our customers the new items in a environment -friendly electronic version. In this catalog, look for Transformers Body Jewelry, Batman Body Jewelry, SOA Body Jewelry, awesome dermal tops and more.

  • Bodyvibe 2013 Sugar Skull Catalog

    The Bodyvibe 2013 Sugar Skull Catalog has 96 pages of all categories of body jewelry, over 2300 different pieces in all. Check out this catalog for Rose Gold, Light-up Plugs, Graphic Plugs, Tiffany Ball Body Jewelry, Sons of Anarchy and way more!

  • 2012 Bodyvibe Catalog

    Jumpstarted by an array of fierce dragon inspired jewelry, the new Bodyvibe catalog consists of 76 pages, packed with thousands of the latest innovative, stylish and provocative body piercing jewelry available today. Stunning dragon jewelry include intricately curved black dragon tapers, acrylic plugs, navel jewelry, plus stainless steel dragon pendants and bracelets.

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  • Tiffany Ball Collection

    This catalog, released in 2012, features one of our best-selling body collections, the Tiffany Ball. This line continues to do really well for us due to the fact that our tiffany balls are sealed with clear acrylic which lock all the gems in place without sacrifing bling.

  • The Bodyvibe Body Jewelry Book

    This is the most comprehensive body jewelry catalog we've done featuring over 370 loaded pages of thousands of body jewelry styles. All categories are represented including tons of plugs in acrylics, Ti-Plated, Graphic, Organic and more. The Basics section has all the top-selling piercing styles in surgical steel and titanium plated. If you are looking for navels, there are countless pages in gem, basics, dangle, top down and more. Also check out the huge assortment of nose packs and studs. If you are looking for body jewelry, check this catalog.

  • 2011 Summer Bodyvibe Catalog

    Introduced in this catalog is our Marvel Body Jewelry licensed collection, shape gem plugs, stone plugs, silicone shape plugs, super spirals, tons of bonus packs and more.

  • 2011 Bodyvibe Catalog

    This is our 2011 Body Jewelry 80 page catalog. Top features are Gem Plugs, Tunnels, Silcone Plugs, Organics, Tattoo Sleeves, Displays and more. Over 720 styles are represented in this catalog.