Head, Shoulders, Helix and Toes

  HEAD SHOULDERS HELIX & TOES Do you love piercings but not sure if you want just one or go all out and have multiple? Especially one located on the upper ear? What about a piercing that is completely different than just your standard earlobe piercing? If you answered yes on any of these questions, […]


So, you just got pierced. Here comes the hardest part- which is properly healing your piercing. Patience, using the proper cleaning solutions and keeping your filthy paws off it! We cannot stress this enough. Aftercare is the most important part of getting pierced. Although extremely tempting- any picking, scratching, twisting or just simply placing your […]


TRAG-YAAAAS! Tired of seeing the same ol’ piercings that everyone has? If you’re looking to spice up your life, check out the tragus piercing. It might not be as popular as the helix or conch piercing, but god dammit, the tragus is just as cool. Before you understand the tragus piercing and what it is, […]

Stop! It’s Navel Time.

S T O P ! It’s Navel Time. One of the most popular piercings to over exist has got to be the navel piercing. Rapidly gaining popularity around the late 90’s – when celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears hit the stage to perform while wearing their dangly, sparkly charmed belly rings – creating […]


LOOK WHO’S ROOKIN’ IT Unique, Easy To Heal & Trendy AF Are you rockin’ the rook piercing yet!? The rook piercing is a clear example of how creative piercing professionals and fans of body modification have progressed over the years.   This distinctive and quite impressive piercing is done right on the antihelix of the […]