Body Piercing Trends: Popularity of Triple Forward Helix

Over the years, body piercing has become more than just a deviation from social norms into a new breakthrough fashion style. With more celebrities, athletes, and mainstream fashion icons wearing body jewelry, piercing turned a new leaf for the past decade and the body has become a great canvas for those who are open to try different types of styles and trends.

Today, a type of piercing known as the triple forward helix is surging in popularity and taking body jewelry trends into a new level. When doneBodyvibe Body JewelryBodyvibe Body Jewelry right, the triple forward helix piercing gives an appealing, almost elegant look that is very different from many types of body piercings currently available. Getting more and more popular to women today, this type of piercing is achieved by placing three different sizes of labrets or barbell studs at the front rim (helix) part of the ear. A triple forward helix piercing can be done on one or both ears and accents a woman’s face beautifully by attracting attention to the profile of the face. A helix piercing can also make crystal earlobe studs or drop earrings standout more.

Due to its clean and elegant look, some people think that the hundreds of photos of triple forward helix piercing found online are done using microdermals, surface piercing, or even faux jewelry like press-ons. But it is essential to use the right size of labrets or barbell studs to achieve the right look, faster healing time and also prevent problems like infection or scarring from occurring. Also, because it is a style that needed multiple piercings in a small area, some might think it is over what their pain threshold can handle. But those who already got triple forward helix piercing reported that it is okay to get all three at once though some suggest that it is more ideal to get one helix piercing at a time every three months to let the ear recover. It usually takes 3 to 12 months on average for a helix piercing to completely heal.

The popularity of triple forward helix piercings can be a great opportunity to many piercing professionals. Currently, because it is a relatively new multiple piercing style, not many piercers can offer to do it and be able to offer it to customers can be a great edge for a piercing business. Due to its great look, the demand for body jewelry like gem studded labrets and barbells for helix piercings is expected to increase as more and more people discover this new style. The demand for other ear body jewelry like ear studs, industrials, and tragus piercings, among others can also increase because they can be complimented by helix piercings very well which is great for increasing revenues.

Today’s fashion is evolving and previously unacceptable styles like wearing body piercing jewelry are now becoming one of the hottest trends. Mainstream fashion has recognized it as an acceptable style and no longer view body jewelry as anti-social or taboo. And with innovative trends like the triple forward helix, there is no denying that body jewelry and body piercing is here to stay.

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