Awakening the Force with Licensed Jewelry

SalesOne, headquartered in Norwalk, CT, has been a major jewelry supplier for over 14 years. Their original brands Body Vibe and INOX body jewelry consist of professional ear plugs, nose studs, labrets, belly rings, and men’s and women’s alternative metal jewelry respectively. Both brands now distribute to thousands of retailers all over the world. Over […]

Septum Clickers: Nose Piercing Ever Evolving

Traditions and cultures all over the world give different kind of significance in wearing body piercing. Nose piercing, most particularly, septum piercings, have great importance in Asian, African, Australian Aboriginal, and Native American cultures. Today, body jewelry enthusiasts continues the enigmatic beauty of wearing piercings by embracing individuality by standing out amidst the conventional ground […]

Annual Body Piercing Industry Shows and Events

The number of retailers and professionals that cater to the body piercing community are increasing year after year. The industry has grown from being an underground lifestyle into a full-fledge fashion trend today. For businesses that want to increase their exposure in the body modification and piercing industry, annual tradeshows and events are a good […]

Body Jewelry Industry: Instilling Personal Control

Though, previous years have been rather challenging to the working public, many are optimistic that the recession will finally end. According to a survey done by, consumers in various sectors have an optimistic view on when will the recession end. Two of the most optimistic sectors, the full-time employees and the students, believe that […]

Wholesale Body Jewelry Products Goes Organic

The industry of wholesale body jewelry products is rising. Many would associate it to the fact that more and more people are choosing individuality than conformity or just the evolving tolerance to new things when it comes to other people’s style and preferences. For a retailers or body piercing professional, these are great news and […]

Advantages of Buying Wholesale Body Jewelry

In the body modification business, having a well-stocked inventory is very important. People do not have the same tastes in style when it comes to what type of body jewelry they wear. There are also some customers who prefer their jewelry to be made of certain materials due to health concerns or allergies. There are […]